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'-smith' combining form
suffix: -smith
1. Denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material.

Hey - I'm Jenna, AKA The FoilSmith!
I'm a graphic designer and a self-confessed magpie! I've always been drawn to the beauty of a simple foil and the way it can take a design to the next level, adding both sophistication and elegance. The one major downside for gold foiling is the cost; in the traditional hot stamping method - creating a die can be upwards of $150 - $200 for the die alone, then you have printing, materials and labour costs added to that. When I stumbled across a way I could digitally foil from my own studio, I was beyond excited. Through my extensive research and many many learning curves,  I have found that I can not only provide affordable digital gold foiling, but I can offer a wide range of foiling colours, as well as other product types and finishes. These include vinyl application's for personalised gifts, fabric cutting and stencilling and more - meaning I can take the simple gold foiled concept, and band it across all types of media and products. 

I love this process and this finish, and most of all I love the fact that I get to work with people to create a beautiful product that fits their needs. The opportunity to bring such unique products to people at an affordable price is something that brings me such joy - not only do I get to spend time creating beautiful products that I know people love, I get to do it in a way that is attainable for all.

In addition to the products on this website, I can custom make anything you could think of; whether it be wedding stationery, a gift for a loved one or something out of the box for yourself, flick me an email and we can work together to produce something truly magical.

   Business CardsCustomised t-shirt for Pike Hair BoutiqueCustomised tumbler glass with gold vinyl applicationCustomised stubby holders for groomsmen giftsCustomised home decor - personalised tea coffee and sugar containers