Business Cards:

White business cards with black foil A business card is a pivotal piece in any business, not only is it a physical take away for your client that provides useful information, but it also creates a lasting first impression of your company.

A business card is the face of your business and should be as 'on brand' as possible - this  allows your company to have an impactful presence, rather than just be a name floating around.

At the FoilSmith, we specialise in foiled business cards and have a superior knowledge in the stocks and foil colour combinations that will give the most impact. We also produce standard single sided and double sided business cards, and are happy to consult on what is the right fit for you and your business.

From design right through to production, we can help you maximise your business's potential by producing simply beautiful and professional business cards. Get in touch today to talk design, your brand and to get a quote!


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