Digital Foiling for Any Occasion:

This is where the FoilSmith started, and it's where we will continue to grow - after all, foil is in our name! 

Gold foiling has always been considered a luxury, with a big ticket price tag to go with it! If you are talking a traditional hot stamp, then the same can still be said, however there is a cheaper more efficient way to get the same look - and that's digital foiling. Rather than a hot stamp, where you need to create a metal die with at $100+ setup fee just to get you started - digital foiling adheres to the ink on the page, meaning no setup fees and no minimum runs! 

In our in house studio, we can create a digital foil print for almost any occasion. Business cards, Posters, Invites, Letterheads, Greeting Cards, Vouchers just to name a few! There is no minimum or maximum runs and we also offer full design services meaning we can truely capture your concept. 

We have a range of colours stocked and more available on request. The limit for what you can foil is endless, and regardless of your brief and your budget there is an option for you. 

80th Birthday Card with green and purple foil 40th birthday invite with gold digital foilingGold foil thank you postcards

Whether it's a large scale project or a small one off run, you have a complete idea of what you want, or you want to get started by brainstorming - please get in contact using the form below and we can work together to create something beautiful! 

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