Replacement Decals for Reusable Veggie Garden Stakes

Replacement decals for your Customisable Veggie Garden Stakes can now be ordered so you can reuse the same stakes year after year. Comes with transfer tape already applied and a border to help you with straight application. 

To Order: Simply select your size, vinyl colour and font style from the drop down menus and then specify the species names you’d like in the notes section below.
You can keep it simple with just the main name, or add a sub species for no extra cost.  

To Apply: Remove old lettering (can apply heat with hair dryer to melt glue), clean off old glue residue (we recommend isopropyl alcohol), peel backing paper off sticker, place on stake, smooth down any air bubbles with a credit card or fingers and then finally remove transfer sticker layer leaving your cut letters on your new plant stake! 

*DECAL ONLY, Stake not Included

  • $4.00

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